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For those who want the best in protection and only protection

Exclusive chemically hardened crystal clear optical glass places a transparent shield in front of the lens for superior lens protection in all situations. The HD3 Protector glass has no optical properties acting like it is not even there for shooting purposes.

Protection for your valued optics

The Hoya HD3 Protector is the ultimate in clear filters. It has no effect on sharpness, color balance or performance of the lens in any way. However, keeping on the lens constantly will protect the front element of the lens from damage due to dirt, sand, spray or knocks and scratches.

The HD3 series plus the EVO and NXT series filters are manufactured by Hoya exclusively for distribution in the United States of America.

*Neither Hoya nor it's US distributor recommend exposing camera gear to wind-blown sand, dirt or rain. While the filter can handle these conditions other pieces of equipment may not. Use common sense and take precautions when photographing in harsh conditions or inclement weather.