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Furman / Panamax 121-2590 Max Flat Plug
Price: $10.95

Provides a corded management option for the AC plug that wont interfere with the back of furniture and flat panel displays
Panamax 10FT 3 Prongm / 3 Prongf Universal AC Power Extension Cable
Price: $29.95

The only Panamax-approved extension cord for use with your Panamax protected electronics.
Panamax MD2-C 2 Outlet Direct Plug-In and Coax
Price: $49.95

Exclusive Protect or Disconnect Circuitry: Safeguards equipment against all surges. In the event of a catastrophic surge such as lightning, it completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment. Noise Filtration Circuit: EMI/RFI Filtration Circuitry for Clean, Unimpeded Power. Coaxial Protection: One Pair of Universal CATV/SAT/ANT conne
Panamax MB1000 Battery Backup
Price: $349.00

MB1000 prevents critical equipment from losing setup configuration,
stored data and hard-disk crashes. Shuts off projection equipment via IR
control to allow the projector bulbs to go through a proper cool-down
cycle before shutting off.
Panamax M4315-PRO 15 Amp Power Conditioner/Surge Protector
Price: $649.95

New Design Including Volt/Amp Meter, Outlet Status and Warning LED's
Features Eight fully controllable/programmable outlets via RS-232C or
BlueBOLTTMLinear Filtration with four isolated outlet banksTwo
front-panel programmable reboot buttonsI