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Eden is an American company that began in 1976. The company takes its name from Eden Prairie the location where the idea for the company was conceived. [1] Specializing in the requirements of the bass musician, Eden designs and manufactures high-end bass amplification systems.

This includes bass amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, power amps, bass pedals, and bass cabinets. Edens amplifiers span a variety of applications but its most famous series of products includes the World Tour Amplifier and D-series Cabinets. Eden's reputation was founded on the fact that everything was designed and built "in-house", including the speakers (a very rare feat by any manufacturer). The cabinets are still made in the USA, as are the speakers used in the cabinets. These use the same original design and engineering principles but are now produced exclusively for Eden by Eminence.

Eden also sells a range of other products, such as WTX amplifiers. These use a switching power stage. E-series amplifiers and cabinet and Combos provide easy-to-use Eden tone for less experienced players.

Eden amplifiers are used by a variety of musicians but are primarily favored by those people who are defined as "player's players" including many session musicians and technical recording artists. Notable recording artists include bass players Mike Rutherford from the progressive rock band Genesis and the 1980s soft rock group Mike and the Mechanics, Phil Lesh formerly of the Grateful Dead, and Mike Gordon of Phish. Users of Eden equipment span a wide variety of musical style from jazz and country to heavy rock