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By Knekt: Three friends with unique backgrounds and talents have come together to deliver the most innovative products available. KNEKT is Bodi Orton, Kyle Maligro and Harry Antipala. They each bring a skill set to the company that uniquely positions KNEKT as the premier provider of innovative POV solutions.

Today's POV cameras and social media sites allow us to share our life experiences like no other time in history. Being passionate about design, quality and the creation around us we aspire to create products that improve the way you document and share your world.

In November of 2013 the first of these products was released. The KNEKT GP3 Trigger for the GoPro HERO3 was a ground breaking and innovative concept that changed the way people use their GoPro. A brilliant handle assembly that enables the shutter button on the GoPro to be activated simply by pulling a trigger. The unique and patent pending design places the camera in front of your hand instead on top of a handle providing superior target acquisition and balance.

The first time we each held the prototype we knew we were onto something great. The KNEKT Trigger has proven itself beyond our expectations.

The KNEKT GP3 Trigger was just the beginning. We have since released 2 new trigger designs as well as a modular pole system. We have much more in the pipeline and are are excited to have you along for the journey. We will continue to innovative and bring you products that refine and improve the way you document life’s finest moments.


The boys at KNEKT

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KNEKT FPS2 Two 12" Pole Extensions for FPS System (KN-200-2000-01) KNEKT FPS-S1 Single Pole Section for GoPro Camera (KN-200-2000-00) KNEKT FPS-H Pole System for GoPro Camera (KN-200-1000-00) KNEKT GPLT Trigger for GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4 and FRAME (KN-100-2000-00) KNEKT GPDL Trigger for GoPro© Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 (KN-100-4000-00)
KNEKT GPLT Trigger for GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4 and FRAME w/ KWT Wrist Tether KNEKT GP4 Trigger for the GoPro© Hero3+ and Hero4 (KN-100-5000-00) Knekt KSD6 Six-Inch Dome Port for the GoPro Hero3+ and Hero4 (KN-300-4000-00) Knekt KBT Bicep Tether with Long Reach Flexible Cord and Double d-ring Design (KN-000-1003-00) Knekt KDC6 Six-inch Dome Port Cover for the KSD6 Dome Port (KN-000-1004-00)