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Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone
Price: $2,700.00

The electronics of the Reference Cardioid include two triodes in cascade forming an entire gain-block. The dual-triode 12AT7 tube is easily obtainable and was chosen for its high gain and low noise properties. The audio signal and power connect from the microphone to the filtered B+ power supply
Manley REFGOLD Condenser Multipattern Microphone
Price: $4,950.00

The all-tube electronics in the MANLEY REFERENCE SERIES MICROPHONES are built around two triodes in cascade forming an entire gain-block. We have recently switched to a dual-triode 12AT7 tube, easily obtainable and replaceable, mounted in a ceramic socket. (We originally used 6072A until it became impossible to find quiet ones o
Manley REFSGOLD Reference Stereo Gold Microphone
Price: $7,200.00

The STEREO version of our GOLD REFERENCE microphone is identical in every respect to the MONO GOLD REFERENCE but with two complete and carefully matched systems installed in one case with the upper capsule being fixed and the lower capsule being continuously