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DAIWA has manufactured first-quality broadcast cameras supports in Japan since the infancy of television. In the 1970s DAIWA began importing broadcast tripods and pan/tilt heads into the United States. Over decades DAIWA developed a sturdy reputation for precise, careful quality control, and solid performance both in Japan and the United States. DAIWA recently merged with SLIK Corporation, a company with over 50 years of experience in still and video camera support production. Both companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Kenko Co. Ltd of Tokyo Japan.

SLIK has a strong international brand for the still photography and video market. Kenko has decided that consolidation under one brand will enhance the efficiency of operations and provide an economy of scale that neither division could achieve alone. Continuing and future DAIWA products will be manufactured under the SLIK brand name though the broadcast pan/tilt heads will use DAIWA in their model numbers.

All model numbers from the previous distributor have been discontinued and new model numbers assigned to continuing products while new products have model numbers/names in keeping with SLIK designations. The Professional DAIWA products, DAIWA series heads, legs and accessories are still made in the same DAIWA factory that is known for producing durable, precise, high-quality broadcast TV camera supports for decades.