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By Nissin: Nissin is one of Japan's leading manufacturers of electronic flash units.

It has supplied high quality lighting to the worldwide photographic. For almost 50 years, Nissin has maintained exceptional quality standards that two generations of photographers have relied on for their lighting needs.

In 1959 Nissin founded.
In 1967 Nissin created its first professionally oriented flash, PRIMO for photographers.
In 1987 Nissin introduced its first dedicated auto focus flashes with the now common red beam focus assist light.
In 2007, the chairman of Nissin group Mr. Chikara Goto reorganized the development of flash unit for digital SLR camera and leaded Nissin to announce the launching of Di622 with its advanced technology of digital TTL system.
In 2008, Nissin announced that company has developed the new Di466 and Universal Shoe Cord (SC-01) in market. In July, Nissin proudly launched the flagship model Di866 Professional with the latest auto rotate color display interface and high technology functions.
In September 2010, Nissin has proudly announced the advance Di622 Mark II, Di866 Mark II for Sony and Ring flash MF-18