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Wikipedia:Lexicon is an American audio equipment manufacturing company founded in 1971 and owned by Harman International Industries. Lexicon's roots began in 1969 with the founding of American Data Sciences by MIT professor Dr. Francis Lee and engineer Chuck Bagnaschi who developed digital audio devices for medical heart monitoring. In 2003, Lexicon's professional operations were relocated to the Salt Lake City area.

Lexicon is considered "the godfather of digital reverb", as one of the early players on the reverb/reverberation market. The company was among the first to produce commercially available digital reverb equipment, beginning in 1978 with the Model 224. In 1986, Lexicon released the 480L (costing more than some cars), a successor of the 224XL.

The PCM series was introduced as a smaller, more economical option particularly in live situations where the 480L was too cumbersome for a rack rider. First in the series was the PCM-60 (1984), followed a few years later by the Lexicon PCM-70, the latter adding multi-effects and a digital screen interface. David Gilmour from Pink Floyd used a Lexicon PCM-70 to store the circular delay sounds in songs such as "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" and "Time" in the 1994 The Division Bell Tour.