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Tamron Co., Ltd. (株式会社タムロン Kabushiki-gaisha Tamuron?) is a Japanese company manufacturing photographic lenses, optical components and commercial/industrial-use optics. Tamron Headquarters is located in Saitama City in the Saitama Prefecture of Japan.

Sony Corporation maintains an 11% share hold in Tamron, making it the second-largest shareholder below New Well Co., Ltd. with 17.34%

  • Interchangeable lenses for digital and conventional SLR cameras, including compact high ratio zoom lenses of which Tamron was the pioneer in 1992 when it released the 28200mm. The most current lens of this type is the 18270mm, the world's first 15 zoom lens made for Digital SLR cameras. Tamron was the maker of the manual focus Adaptall series which have interchangeable mounts for multiple camera brands. These replaced an older series of interchangeable mount lens, the Adaptamatic lenses, which offered less functionality. Tamron was also responsible for the development of the t2 or T-mount adapter system.
  • Fixed focal wideangle, telephoto and macro lenses;
  • Zoom lenses of various focal length ranges;
  • Teleconverters.

Optical components

  • Camcorder lenses
  • Digital still camera lenses
  • Cellular phone camera lenses

Commercial and industrial-use optics

  • CCTV camera lenses for
    1. Surveillance
    2. Industrial vision
    3. Image-processing
  • Projection lenses, test plates, high precision molds, injection-molded parts & components, optical device units, etc.
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