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DOD, the original boutique pedal brand, triumphantly returns with the new Overdrive Preamp 250 and Phasor 201. Along with incredible analog tones, both pedals feature true bypass, a crisp LED, modern power jack, and lighter aluminum chassis.

DOD Electronics or simply DOD is a Harman International company specializing in making guitar effects pedals, most of which are now discontinued. Additionally, the company has made active crossover gear.

DOD originally stood for David Oreste Di Francesco, who founded the company in 1974 along with his business partner and musician John Johnson. David was the original engineer who along with his business partner John, later sold the company to Harman International. The engineer now runs a company called Rolls Corporation.

Over DOD's 40 year history many different pedal lines were introduced as well as early Multi-Effects devices like the 944 Chain-Reaction and digital delays like the now sought-after PDS series. The 70's and early 80's 200, 400 and 600 Series of Stompboxes have become very collectable. 70's Gray DOD 250's with LM741 OPA's fetch premium prices with collectors, with the yellow early 80's 250's not far behind. Later 90's DOD pedals have also become collectors items like the Gonkulator, Buzz Box, Meat Box, and Vibro Thang.

Many of the more popular DOD pedals are now available under the DigiTech name. This includes the Grunge, Death Metal and Envelope Filter. Some of the wilder DOD distortion pedals are said to be designed for the more novice musician, although they are still used by a number of professionals. For example distortions like the Grunge and Death Metal are designed to achieve high-gain distortion tones normally only possible at ear-splitting volumes, in a bedroom at low volumes. Some musicians playing them at high volume with a band find the sounds to be uncontrollable unless the distortion amount is turned way down.

Many of the pedals are very highly regarded by experimental and noise music artists for their unique, extreme sounds and lo-fi settings which are sometimes not attainable on more expensive musical equipment. Some pedals, such as the Buzz Box or Gonkulator Modulator, have become collectors items and change hands on eBay for far more than they cost new. The most popular DOD pedal was probably the "Grunge" - an extremely heavy distortion pedal described by the designer Jason Lamb to be inspired by the sounds of Nirvana and The Melvins. A Grunge pedal was once given to Kurt Cobain as a joke and he was said to have thrown into the crowd at one concert.[1]

On September 16 2013, DOD returned with updated versions of the venerable 250 Overdrive Preamp, and 201 Phasor. Both feature true bypass, blue LED's, modern power jack, lighter aluminum chassis, two tone flat-black and metal-flake paint jobs. The 2013 250 also features an LM741 Op Amp to replicate the sounds of the original 250.