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Did you know? Velbon (Velbon Tripod Co., Ltd.) is a manufacturer of photographic accessories, specializing in tripods.

Based in Japan and established in the 1950s.

President's Message

Ken Nakatani: President and CEO of Velbon Corporation

As far back as I can remember,
the photography equipment industry has never experienced a serious downturn even when the economic situation changed.
Even in an excellent economic environment, the industry did not grow all that vigorously. On the other hand, when the economy turned down, the photography equipment industry was not that severely impacted.

When the economic bubble in Japan burst in 1991, digital technology introduced many new trends into a variety of industries. Digital technology dramatically reshaped the photography industry. In the photographic equipment industry and many other fields, digital technology made companies either clear winners or clear losers. While some enterprises are winning and growing in new directions, others are having difficulty surviving. Amidst these circumstances, Velbon is neither a winner nor a loser. The company has stayed in the middle by constantly developing new and unique tripods.

Velbon introduced the Mountain Chaser in 1995, the Carmagne 640 and QRA-635 in 1996, panheads made of magnesium alloy in 1997, the MAXi 343E in 2001, the ULTRA MAXi in 2002, and the El Carmagne tripod series in 2003. Constant innovation and the introduction of new materials and devices resulted in the flow of new products.