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By Korus: What is Korus? Our Audio Heritage

Our passion for exceptional sound has been developed over decades focused on the custom home entertainment and professional markets. We have a portfolio of nine award-winning audio brands with over 190 years of excellence pioneering industry firsts in areas that include amplifier design and creation of the architectural speaker built into walls and ceilings. But we are not standing still. The growth of wireless speakers has inspired our team to go further in reach of a truly superior wireless audio system.

Our Vision

We imagined a wireless audio system that was so easy anyone in our family could use it, one that seamlessly works with virtually any device you have: smartphones, tablets, media players, and computers no matter what the operating system or hardware.

We also wanted effortless sharing of speakers with our family and friends, because entertainment isn’t just something you enjoy by yourself. Furthermore, we required that it deliver audio that’s more reliable with higher acoustic quality vs Bluetooth® or WiFi speakers. Lastly, we demanded a speaker system that would do all this not just for music, but for movies and games too.

And we desired a system perfect for one or more rooms and with the ability to combine or separate multiple speakers at anytime.

Our Solution

Korus transformed our dream into determination, a determination to fully deliver on the convenience and strength of the latest wireless technology. We found a world-class partner with Eleven Engineering. Their collective genius created SKAA®, a wireless audio technology that delivers unmatched ease of use, reliability and sound quality that Bluetooth® and WiFi systems can’t achieve.

Our own team of dreamers, designers, and engineers then created cutting-edge speakers that have been designed to deliver sound so real it puts you in the front row of a live concert, no ticket needed.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in such a short time and we’re confident it will change the way you enjoy music, movies and games. Korus welcomes you to the new generation of wireless home audio .